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Introduce me to your group - be they farmers or fishers, your students, your sales team or your sun club, there’s not much I like better than talking about peanut butter, making stuff and, of course, myself.

Having me on your stage for up to an hour costs $1500 plus expenses. I know it sounds alarmingly cheap, but by converting your guests to our fine product you keep your costs down, I justify my existence and everybody leaves with sustainable sustenance for their minds and bodies.

But that’s not all. Not only can you pay my fee directly to the registered charity of my choice, but your delegates get to meet Fido, my handsome and affable guide dog, who is always happy to pose for photos.

Contact Lou@reallygood.co.nz now to check my availability for your next event.

What people are saying...


"We had Pic come along as our guest speaker to a post conference social evening in Nelson. The NZ Federation of Commercial Fishermen is a national organisation representing the mainly inshore fishers and operators.

You might think what does peanut butter and fishing have in common, well that was something that Pic was able to eloquently relate when it came to operating a small business and see it grow but also the persistence to ensure that a great product is produced. This is what our fishers are striving for every day, locally owned and landed fish rather than exported less traceable seafood, and to maintain a sustainable environment to operate in.

Pic related his lifestory (whilst Fido lapped up all the patting attention) and then opened the floor to questions which he handled with ease. Pic didn’t want to get paid directly for speaking to us but asked that a donation be made to the local Nelson Hospice.

We were so glad to have Pic come and meet us, provide tips on business and to persist when others want to tear you down. He was given a standing ovation, followed by a venture into a restaurant in town with a few of the crowd to tell and listen to more tall tales from the sea."

New Zealand Federation of Commercial Fishermen


Pic is such an amazing speaker and character. He had our conference attendees enthralled and entertained. They commented after Pic’s talk, that they would have liked him to stay on and continue talking.

Pic’s style shows his caring side and anyone who gets a chance to talk to him should listen to his mentoring advice.

Startup businesses aren’t an easy option and he has proven, with perseverance and tenacity, you can
make anything happen. I look forward to meeting with Pic again, sometime soon.

Christine Singer
National Administrator

Kiwi Holiday Parks Inc


We have asked Pic on many, many occasions to share his story at different Icehouse programmes and events and he has always been willing and incredibly generous with his time. Pic has never disappointed us or an audience. And Fido is always greeted with delight and takes it all in his stride.

Pic’s is quite a stunning journey and one that he shares with tremendous candor and humour . He includes the good and the bad because there is an opportunity for real learning from both. There is no preaching this is how I’ve done it, so this is how you should do it, just refreshing honesty on life’s lessons and his business experiences. These both inspire and challenge people. His resilience and humility and his vision, grit and pride in the team that are journeying with him are notable takeaways.

Reflective of his spirit, Pic doesn’t ask for a speaker fee but rather that a donation be made to a local Nelson community charity. We certainly will keep asking Pic to share his story and we cross our fingers that he will be willing and keen to continue to do this for the benefit of the Icehouse network
and the wider New Zealand entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Thank you Pic (and Fido)!!

Liz Wotherspoon
Head of Growth

The Icehouse

ANZ Investments

Pic is an absolute inspirational speaker, talking humbly, but proudly about his hard work and passion in striving and driving for the best line of quality goods (first up peanut butter) for consumers both within New Zealand and latterly so offshore.

His story is a journey of dedication, hard yards, trial and error moving from a small one-man band to a successful and growing business. He is to the point, honest, funny and interacts extremely well with his audience.

Thank you for your presentation and insights into the world of Pic.

Trisha Edmonds
Head of Advisory Distribution

ANZ Investments

Pic's Charities of Choice