It Smells Like Mint Sauce

I was in a friend’s shower picking through bottles of stuff in search of shampoo. I could see a lot better back then and grabbed a green bottle labelled shampoo.

It smelled really minty – almost like mint sauce, and did the trick nicely. Mint flavoured shampoo was new to me, so I took a closer look at the label. This is what it said, right there under the brand:

“It smells like mint sauce”

I was flabbergasted. where was the stuff about it being created with freshly harvested meadow grown mint, long treasured for its nourishing and rejuvenating blah blah blah?

I felt a huge surge of affection for that shampoo. It understood me. It spoke to me the way a friend would. It had its own voice, a personality.

No ones going to fall in love with you or your product if you don’t show them a bit of personality.

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