This message was from a guy organising a grocers conference. Drivel like this is so darned annoying I just have to share it.


If I did go to his show, I sure wouldn’t want tosit at his table ….


As Australia undergoes structural economic change, the value and performance of the $126 billion Australian Food and Grocery sector will take greater prominence not only as a key mainstay of the manufacturing sector but also as a key driver of jobs, growth and investment. Similarly as the global economy pivots towards Asia, the emphasis of realising market potential into outcomes remains a core challenge for Australia’s food and grocery players.

Food and Grocery Australia 2017 focuses exclusively on the fast moving consumer goods and supermarket retail industry within Australia and globally.

It is unchallenged in delivering a platform for CEO’s, Directors, and industry players from suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to forensically assess the key domestic and global drivers of the sector.

2017 will build on the success of the first Food and Grocery Australia to bring you a revitalised program providing greater value for your time and commitment, greater industry insights, greater breadth of opinion and greater business deliverables.


Deliverables. Marvellous.

Finally he’s talking groceries.

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