Once I owned a yacht and a restaurant. The restaurant folded and I thought I’d start a charter business. Having been a bit burned on the restaurant I undertook some uncharacteristically serious research into the boat charter business and unearthed dozens of vessels that were available for hire that no one knew about.

These boats owners clearly needed better promotion, and I figured that by running a directory for these guys I could make my research pay, and really get to the guts of the industry.

I had a great time running Picots Charter Guide. I got to wander up and down marinas all over New Zealand, meeting salty old mariners and to row around anchorages at sundown visiting the fanciest launches and helping them with their holiday supplies.

I realised there were very few boats that weren’t heavily subsidised by their owners other businesses, and gave up the notion of hiring out my boat to concentrate on running the Charterguide.

Seven years later I was relaxing on a client’s boat, leafing through an English sailing magazine. The classified had a section for “Charters and Sailing Schools” and I was stunned to see how few charter boats were on offer compared the number of sailing schools.

In New Zealand we had almost no sailing schools, so I organised the appropriate accreditation and stared one.

It wasn’t until half way through our first season that it occurred to me that I had planned this all along. Simply embedding the intention was all it took. The details had looked after themselves.

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